I want to explore the changing role of design. Develop a practice on critical and speculative design, to PROVOKE designers with new research, theories, and understandings, that can influence the practice of design. Work in interventions to be put in the world and find connections between them to CRITICALLY RETHINK THE ROLE OF DESIGN AND ARTS.



I see myself as a designer —maybe product, maybe service… I do resonate a lot with the idea at Holon of transition designers…— and I want to act and research through it, but I also want art to be part of and develop an important role in my practice. I’m open to act in multiple fields and put my service to use where needed, becoming a facilitator. I don’t take anything for granted —you just have to look at this crazy past year—.

So my fight… Well, I’m prone to the idea that every object has a narrative associated with and we have built up notions of what’s common around them. To change things, we have to generate new compositions of what’s common.

I want my work to be beneficial for the people and the places where intervening. I want to raise questions, make people look at the world differently, question how things are done, question how their time is spent, what’s valuable for them, and what’s important in their life.

Now it’s not about what you can create but what you can afford. Our society is in a deep alienation state, we are disconnected from each other and our surroundings. Alienation comes from not paying attention, living on auto-pilot. It makes us uncomfortable and unhappy. Alienation is provoked by our way of living, driven by an extracting economy system. We need to move towards a more regenerative economy, de-grow, embrace craftsmanship, work on local and tailored solutions and designs. We need to slow down and pay more attention. Reconnect with each other —get rid of the bubbles we are immersed—, and reconnect with our environment —to start acting within planetary boundaries—.

We can improve the well-being of society and the planet through design, arts, and crafts. Make the object no longer a consumption-driven artefact but a genuine tool for creation and empowerment. Emotional objects embrace long-termism, encourage a change in habits or create a new routine, formulate questions, or initiate a discussion. “Human-like objects become more significant with long-term use […] It creates this weird but friendly atmosphere where a person can look at their furniture as if it were a friend or a pet.” (Barbora Zilinskaite, designer and artist). “Design is providing solutions but they have to trigger a sense of emotion. Art and aesthetics are the key to emotion.” (Micaela Pedros, designer and artist). I want to use art as a speculative tool to expand the range of possible futures and realities. Create a genuine tool for creation, empowerment, and communication.

I see art —or applied art— as a way to convey culture, as a self-expression tool. I want to expand the range of the possibles to think in new futures. The limits of “what’s possible” doesn’t allow experimentation, speculation, playing, imagining possible futures, other futures. I want to become a speculation fantasiser, maximise creativity. Activate conversations and discussions around objects. A designer and artist embracing self-expression and culture. Unveil the creative potential of local resources, people, and nature in my projects, create transparent —as naked— objects, resultant of the design process, not consumption-driven.

I aim to understand the context and how it relates to the object —or art piece—, even how it changes it or makes it derive into something else. Embody the importance of the change of perspective in the understanding of the environment. Do so with an experimental will, updating crafts according to current times. I want to use art as a way of experiencing the object, use it as a tool to unfold layers of complexity. I see art in terms of process, I seek to understand and explore those. Create conversations through speculative design, and find the poetics of design in every project.

I want my practice to raise good questions in people and places, and let them benefit from them. Inspire and value what can be done by a community. I understand the future of design being diverse and including everyone, enriched by diversity. To think in different futures we have to break the binomial, the hegemony, the prominence, open to new possibilities, see how things can become multiple possibles. Use speculation as an experimentation space. Change the center and prominence. Speculate with other possibles. Assume things can be different, multiple possibles associated with multiple entities.

I seek to improve welfare and happiness. I aim to help migrate from the current extraction economy to a regenerative one. Embrace tradition, bring it forward, and merge it with innovation. Guided by social and cultural values. Understanding the cultural value of each object or piece. Design has a social responsibility, it should have an effect on collective thought. Acknowledge sustainability is a big challenge, but also self-expression, self-esteem, and self-love. Unpack the role of aesthetics, how something looks makes you feel, the use of strong visuals to spark, the effect of the visual quality of things to attract attention. Keeping in mind contemporary design and arts in these terms, and the intrinsic political action of every action and object.